We want YOU to join us in at the MN State Fair this summer!

Volunteers and Supervisors Wanted!

We are already half way through June, which means the event of the summer will be here before we know it! The Minnesota Pork Board is seeking knowledgeable volunteers and supervisors to work in our Oink and Promotion Booths at the Minnesota State Fair, August 22 – Labor Day, September 2, 2024.


What are the Oink & Promotion Booths?
  • The Oink & Promotion Booths are a pork industry educational effort at the Minnesota State Fair sponsored by the Minnesota Pork Board. Both booths feature a variety of materials, displays and activities. The Oink Booth is located in the Swine Barn (Robert A. Christensen Pavilion) and the Promotion Booth is located in the Dairy Building.
  • The Oink Booth educates fair visitors about the animal and farming aspects of the industry, while the Promotion Booth tells fair visitors about the product and consumer side of the industry.
  • The Oink Booth also provides fair visitors with more details on the pork industry in general. Fair visitors will have the opportunity to view assorted displays and participate in interactive activities while visiting the booth. The purpose of the booth is to educate the general public in a fun and informative way.


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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