Minnesota Pig Farmer’s Sustainability Goals

Minnesota pig farmers are committed to doing what is right for pigs, people, and the planet. This is why pig farmers have set holistic goals in their mission to be the most sustainable protein. These sustainability goals include the areas of environment, animal wellbeing, food safety, public health, and people and communities.

Progress to Date

To produce a pound of pork, pig farmers have improved use in the last six decades by:

  • 75% less land
  • 25% less water
  • 7% less energy
  • 8% reduced carbon emissions

Pig famers seek to further conserve and protect natural resources while providing for the animals, people, and communities that depend on them.


The pork industry is on a mission to be the most sustainable meat.

For America’s pig farmers, sustainability means doing what’s right for people, pigs and the planet by following the long-standing We Care® Ethical Principles and committing to continuous improvement in every area of pork production.


Our Commitments

Animal Well-being

We are committed to the highest level of care and well-being for the pigs we raise.

Food Safety

We are committed to producing the safest food in the world.


We are committed to safeguarding and nurturing natural resources for now and future generations.

Our Communities

We are committed to growing and supporting strong communities for today and tomorrow.

Public Health

We are committed to producing the highest quality food possible while increasing the enjoyment of pork and the well-being of people around the world.

Our People

We are committed to providing meaningful, dignified work for the people who choose to dedicate their careers to raising the food we eat.

A Collective Vision for More Sustainable Pork Production in Minnesota

Minnesota looks to continue its leadership in being home to the most progressive and innovative farmers. In the Minnesota Pork sustainability white paper, A Collective Vision for More Sustainable Pork Production in Minnesota, many stakeholders came together to recognize what pig farmers are doing now to be sustainable and what needs to happen to accelerate the continuous improvement needed for the future.

The social, economic, and environmental challenges facing everyone are real opportunities for farmers and communities to seek continuous improvement. Pig farmers have made their commitment to be a part of the solutions and are putting sustainability goals and metrics forward to demonstrate accountability, ultimately building trust with consumers and neighbors, while providing opportunities for generations to come.