Proposal to Partner with Board of Animal Health

A proposal intended to improve the control of PRRS and PED in Minnesota is under consideration by pork producers in the state.  A series of discussions with producer groups, veterinarians, the Minnesota Pork Board executive committee, the Swine Health Task Force, and attendees at the Pork Congress has led to this proposal:  “To partner with the MN BAH by asking them to request that certificates of veterinary inspection (CVI’s) of all pigs entering Minnesota include a statement disclosing the PRRS and PED status of the herd of origin, if known.  No movement restrictions would be imposed.  All pigs, regardless of status, could enter the state.”

Value to the industry:

  1. To identify the PRRS & PED status of 7.5 million pigs entering Minnesota
  2. To better understand the dynamics of PRRS & PED as it relates to pig movement into the state
  3. To assist in outbreak investigations
  4. To encourage vet-to-vet communication
  5. To inspire more regional participation and transparency within the industry
  6. Ultimately, to reduce PRRS & PED infection rates, a step necessary to reduce antibiotic use
  7. To take a progressive step forward in PRRS & PED control

Please offer your opinions to representatives on the Pork Board as they will take up the issue at their next board meeting. Read more for the full proposal with background information and common questions and answers:

MN BAH Partnership Proposal