Livestock Emergency Response Trailers



Mower County Dispatch

(507) 437-9400

Buffalo Lake

Renville County Dispatch

(507) 523-1161


Martin County Dispatch

(507) 238-4481

Granite Falls

Yellow Medicine County Dispatch

(507) 564-2130


Pipestone County Dispatch

(507) 825-6700

Sleepy Eye

Brown County Dispatch

(507) 233-6720


Nobles County Dispatch

(507) 372-8430

About the Trailers

IMG_7494Seven livestock emergency response trailers have been developed by the Minnesota Pork Board in cooperation with Region 5 Minnesota Emergency Management, that are available in the event of a livestock truck rollover.

Those requesting the trailers will be asked the following questions:

  1. What kind of animal is involved in the accident? How Many?
  2. Are the animals loose?
  3. What condition are the animals in?

Additional Resource the hauler should bring include: trailers to reload animals, a loading chute, and a captive bolt gun.

These trailers have been placed in Adams, Buffalo Lake, Fairmont, Granite Falls, Pipestone, Sleepy Eye, and Worthington.

The trailers were designed to complement the existing resources of the local fire departments. They are equipped with gating, sort boards and hand tools that will help ensure animal well-being and public safety. The trailers were paid for through a grant from the Department of Homeland Security and were assembled by the Minnesota Pork Board and Region 5 Emergency Management. The trailers are housed and dispatched through fire departments and/or county departments of transportation.