Minnesota Pork at Grandma’s Marathon

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The Minnesota Pork Board celebrated its 6th year at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth this past weekend. We exhibited at the Essentia Health and Fitness Expo and served approximately 600 pounds of pork in three days.

The pork was the star of the show with many of the attendees asking how to make pork taste that good. This gave our farmer volunteers a chance to talk about cooking temperatures and the health benefits from eating pork. Marathon runners enjoy learning about how pork fits into a healthy lifestyle.

“Grandma’s Marathon brings two of my favorite things, farming and fitness, together for a weekend – and they are a perfect fit, said Monica Schafer of Schafer Farms, “when runners take a bite of perfectly grilled pork tenderloin, the value of pork as a lean protein source is understood – tasting is believing.”


On Saturday pork was served to the Marathon finishers. Runners mentioned that the thought of pork after the run is what kept them going.  Thank you to all the pig farmers who volunteered!