Minnesota Pig Farmer’s We Care Commitment

Pig farming today looks vastly different than it did 50 years ago, and it will certainly look different 50 years from today. Minnesota pig farmers are committed to continuous improvement in their daily practices to ensure a safe, high quality pork supply to feed the world.

Pig farmers hold the same values as the person standing next to them in the grocery store. Both care for the environment, people in the community, want animals to be taken care of well, and want to know the food they are feeding their families is safe.

The following videos highlight individual farmers throughout the state who represent the collective whole on the We Care ethical principles: Food Safety, Animal Well-being, Public Health, Environment, People, and Community.


We Care Promise

Minnesota pig farmers are making a commitment to you, to their employees, and to their pigs. Sustainability and continuous improvement are at the core of their commitment to deliver the safest, highest quality pork supply in the world.


Our People

Meet Victor Martinez

Pig production improvement specialist Victor Martinez is tasked with training animal caretakers every day. Pig farmers have a desire to learn and an emphasis to embrace change. This means no two days are the same, but farmer’s commitment to the pigs and people they work with remains the same. The commitment of our people is what ensures pigs are safe.



Meet Randy Spronk

Farming has changed a lot in the last few decades. Minnesota pig farmer, Randy Spronk, walks you through the steps he and other pig farmers take to protect water quality for their families and yours.


Public Health

Meet Ryan Vandendriessche

Protecting public health is woven into every aspect of pig farmer Ryan Vandendriessche’s farm. He utilizes climate-controlled barns, provides the best care for his animals based on the latest science, and constantly has human eyes on the pigs. Caring for his animals allows him to accomplish his end goal: to provide safe, nutritious food to his neighbors.


Animal Well-being

Meet Lisa Moldan

Minnesota pig farmer Lisa Moldan takes pride in caring for her animals. Modern technology allows her pigs to live in a constant, climate-controlled building where they can get precise amounts of healthy food and water. She is proud to provide safe, nutritious food for families like her own.


Food Safety

Meet Dr. Laura Dahlquist

Swine veterinarian Laura Dahlquist works with pig farmers every day to keep pigs healthy and makes sure that food produced is wholesome, safe and nutritious for you and your family.



Meet Dave Mensink

Pig farmers play a vital role in rural communities. Minnesota farmer, Dave Mensink, explains how he and other pig farmers are committed to building and supporting their community.