How to Download Lesson Plans

We recommend saving each document to your computer. To do so, right-click on the lesson title and click “Save Link As.” Once downloaded and saved, you will be able to click on video links, print off student resources, and have full access to each of the lesson resources.

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Tasty Pork Appetizers and Sustainable Farming

  • Identify improved farming strategies that have increased nutrition and sustainability in pig farming.
  • Demonstrate safe food preparation.
  • Prepare appetizers with pork as main protein ingredient.

Tech Savy with Pork in the Kitchen

  • Utilizes proper food safety and sanitation procedure in preparation of products in the foods laboratory
  • Practice safe use of technology in the preparation of food products in the food laboratory
  • Evaluate the process and products results of using new technology  in food products in the foods laboratory
  • Create quality food products using new technology (InstantPot®)

Slow Cooking & Sous Vide Methods for Pork Cookery

  • Prepare pork recipes using sous vide and slow cooker methods.
  • List advantages and disadvantages of slow cookery and sous vide.
  • Identify minimum cooking temperatures of pork cuts.
  • Compare nutritional values of pork versus other protein sources.

Souper Pork: The Basics of Soup

  • List different cuts of pork and identify what soups the cut of pork could be used in.
  • Students will identify the nutrients found in pork.
  • Prepare food by using the appropriate procedures and techniques specified in the pork soup recipes.