The Minnesota Pork Board has resources specifically designed for dietitians to use. These resources are free to all dietitians in Minnesota.

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BLOG: A Dietitian Answers: Back-to-School Lunch Nutrition Tips

Available Resources

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Pork Information Tear Sheets
(25 per notepad)

Purchasing Pork
Pork for Diabetes

Pork & Diabetes
The Pork Loin
IMG_0120Lean & Delicious


Dietitian Materials

All of these materials are free to dietitians in Minnesota. Please fill out the order form below to get your materials. We will not ship out of state.

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  • Each notepad has 25 sheets
  • This sheet identifies fresh pork cuts
  • Information on how pork fits into a diabetic lifestyle
  • Lean and delicious pork recipes
  • Recipes and information on how to prepare loin