2017: Jared Anez, Anez Consulting

Environmental Steward Article

Since the inception of the Minnesota Pork Board’s Environmental Steward Award, much has changed within the pork industry.  Stewardship practices once considered to be the exception are now the standard. Technological advances led to more precise nutrient management while many farmers partnered with skilled consultants who work alongside them to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

The 2017 Environmental Steward Award winner, Jared Anez with Anez Consulting, epitomizes the success farmers can experience when surrounding themselves with talented, passionate partners who understand environmental stewardship and the needs of farmers.

Founded in 1997 with the desire to create opportunity for their growing family, Jared and Kami Anez created Anez Consulting with the goal of helping farm families experience success in their business and family.

Today, Anez Consulting prides itself in being a comprehensive resource for farmers assisting in crop consulting, precision agriculture, conservation programs, engineering, feedlot permitting, and manure management.

In the beginning, Anez worked almost exclusively with crop farmers soon recognizing his livestock background  enabled him to serve farmers that had manure and forage management needs as well. In 2000, implementation of the 7020 feedlot rule proved to be a catalyst for the business.

“There weren’t many consultants that wanted to take the time to work with livestock farmers and manure,” said Anez. “It was a natural fit for me since the crossover already existed and it served as an opportunity for us to differentiate ourselves from other consultants.”

With the new regulations in place there was also an increased need for comprehensive nutrient management plans, assistance with planning and zoning hearings and county, state and federal permits. The business continued to grow through word of mouth and results, Anez Consulting was quickly becoming one of the premier agricultural environmental consultants in the state of Minnesota.  In 2004, amidst livestock industry expansion Anez hired the first full-time employee.

Today, Anez Consulting has a full-time staff of 10 employees and operates in 40 Minnesota counties in addition to Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

In 2009, agriculture saw an expansion of conservation programs. Anez saw this as an opportunity to assist farmers by seamlessly allowing access to the programs and ensuring each program worked for the individual.

“If you don’t get the right fit for the farmer, you’re not going to get true conservation on the farm,” said Anez. “Our job is to make sure the practices fit the environmental needs and the farmer’s needs seamlessly.”

In 2012, Al Larsen joined the Anez Consulting team as a full-time engineer. This allowed Anez Consulting to offer a comprehensive package to clients for any expansion or new construction increasing the amount of control they had on quality and timing of projects.

“Great consultants find talented people that are good team players, enjoy helping farm families achieve their goals, have a passion for farm families and can balance technical expertise and relationships with our clients,” said Anez. “I am fortunate to have a talented team that works to meet the needs of our clients day-in and day-out.”

A significant portion of what Anez does on a day-to-day basis finds its footings in relationship development.

“We are constantly finding ways to develop and expand our relationships with key stakeholders,” said Anez. “Every connection we make can make a big difference.”

Anez consulting has built a reputation with farmers and regulators alike for high quality, comprehensive work which serves them well in all situations but especially when working on complex projects that have a compressed timeline.

Today’s consultants are faced with unique challenges within the pork industry.  One of those challenges is the speed at which information flows.  Time is a premium for clients which can result in face-to-face interaction being limited.  The Anez consulting team utilizes every means of communication possible to allow clients the appropriate amount of time to review the information provided, ensuring the client is making the best decision possible.

Anez takes great pride in helping farmers be better environmental stewards through awareness and education of the options available, tailoring each plan for the individual, providing on-going monitoring and implementation of practices and serving as a mediator between farmers, regulators and legislators.

“We have helped a lot of people through some really challenging times,” said Anez. “It’s extremely rewarding to help progressive farm families improve their farms.”

Rooted in family values with the goal of helping farm families, Anez is proud of the impact he has on environmental stewardship and most importantly of his family, including his wife Kami and kids Samuel, Savannah, Harley, Jonas, Sullivan and Lawson.

“I enjoy the challenge of helping farm families solve problems,” said Anez. “I started this business for family goals, if I help other families experience success we will also experience success.”