Distinguished Service

Craig Mensink

A true leader is not defined by titles or accolades; instead, a true leader is defined by their service and influence on others.  For the past two decades Craig Mensink, the 2017 Distinguished Service Award Winner, has been selflessly serving the pork industry.  For Mensink, the service has always been about the people first and the product second. “It has been a true privilege to help Minnesota pig farmers have a voice,” said Mensink. “At a time when things were tough in our industry, I was in a position where I could take the time to serve my fellow stakeholders.” Learn more about Craig 

Environmental Steward

Jared Anez, Anez Consulting
The 2017 Environmental Steward Award winner, Jared Anez with Anez Consulting, epitomizes the success farmers can experience when surrounding themselves with talented, passionate partners who understand environmental stewardship and the needs of farmers. Founded in 1997 with the desire to create opportunity for their growing family, Jared and Kami Anez created Anez Consulting with the goal of helping farm families experience success in their business and family.  Learn more about Jared 

Family of the Year

Compart Family, Nicollet 
Rooted in family tradition, attentiveness to customer needs and objective data, Dean and Kaye Compart, Jim and Diana Compart, Chris and Rochelle Compart along with their parents Bonnie and the late Richard Compart have built a business that creates opportunity for family farmers to remain independent and raise high quality pork for restaurants, retailers and individuals across the United States.

Swine Manager

Rick Benson 
Finding a manager who acts with integrity, inspires loyalty, embraces change and prioritizes the well-being of his team and the pigs they care for above all else can be challenging; but to find one who has been a member of the same team for over 25-years is rare.  Hugoson Pork recognizes how privileged they are to have a team member like Rick Benson, the 2017 Swine Manger of the Year. “You can teach technical competency, management skills, even communication skills,” said Kevin Hugoson, “what you can’t teach is what Rick has – the capacity to motivate, drive, develop and inspire loyalty in a team; that takes character.” Learn more about Rick 

Pork Promoter

Terry Wolters

For Terry Wolters, the 2017 Pork Promoter of the Year, pork promotion is more than an event or a conversation; it’s a lifestyle that allows him to passionately and humbly serve his peers within the pork industry. “It’s not about me,” said Wolters, “it’s about moving our industry as a whole forward and I am humbled by the opportunity to work alongside talented men and women doing something that I love every day.” Learn more about Terry