Distinguished Service

Dr. Robert Barclay Morrison 

Pig farming in Minnesota might look vastly different if not for the dedication of the 2018 Distinguished Service Award Winner, Dr. Robert (Bob) Morrison. While Dr. Morrison was a highly accomplished academic having advised 19 graduate students, wrote 12 book chapters, has 95 peer-reviewed publications, and 361 abstracts and proceedings, his contribution to the swine industry cannot truly be captured nor adequately expanded upon in a curriculum vitae. The legacy of Dr. Bob Morrison will live on in the students, peers, and industry to which he gave so much. Learn more about Dr. Morrison.

Environmental Steward

Dr. Larry Jacobson
The 2018 Environmental Steward of the Year has seen the change in pig farming throughout his professional career. Dr. Larry Jacobson played an important role in helping shape some of today’s common industry practices, along with developing the OFFSET Tool still in use today.  Learn more about Dr. Jacobson

Family of the Year

Schwartz Family, Sleepy Eye 

Humble beginnings have led to humbling success for the families of John and Rosie Schwartz, Joe and Judy Schwartz, and Mark and Anita Schwartz. Together, these brothers and their families have built a family business based on their shared core values of integrity, respect, excellence, innovation, and adaptability. Learn more about the Schwartz Family

Swine Manager

Dustin Bakke
Compart’s Boar Store 

A good barn manager is key in a business where leadership and employees can be the difference between success and failure. Compart’s Boar Store was lucky to have one young man with an interest in pigs come to them looking to work. This turned into a long career and much success for Compart’s and this year’s Swine Manager of the Year, Dustin Bakke. Learn more about Dustin

Pork Promoter

Wakefield Pork

For Wakefield Pork, the 2018 Pork Promoter of the Year, talking about pig farming and promoting pork products does not just serve their business but the whole industry. “Steve and Mary have been promoting what we do for a long time and I think it slowly became ingrained in the culture,” Lincoln Langhorst said. “Some of our employees are now leading the effort on pork promotion. It’s in the culture to promote what you do and be proud of it, whether it’s telling your family, friends, or people across the country. Everybody can do something to promote pork and give pig farming a good name.” Learn more about Wakefield Pork